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Value Added Tax

Negotiating the implications of VAT can be tricky for companies. We aid this process by clarifying requirements and consequences for our clients. As well as facilitating VAT registrations and proficiently preparing VAT returns, we also prepare overseas refund claims and statistical declarations such as EC Sales Lists and Intrastat. Our specialists provide customised advice regarding […]

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HMRC Tax Investigations

HMRC are raising ever increasing numbers of enquiries into company corporation tax computations to increase their tax collection.  Using our specialist tax knowledge, our tax department prepares computations in great detail to anticipate areas HM Revenue & Customs regularly target. We have an excellent record of handling detailed enquiries and many enquiries are concluded with […]

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Charity Audits

We deal with over 100 charitable trusts and companies including carrying out Charities Act audits on over 20 charities.  Our charities range in size from small chesed organisations with income of less than £ 10,000 up to large international charities with income of close to £ 10m. We act for a number of Chasidische mosdos […]

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